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Horslips Posters
... I'm a builder
08/07/09 21:23
From Dunboyne
Posts: 41
Seen as I am on one of my rare non lurking visits to this site, wondering if many Fantasiacs still had posters from back in the day? I worked in Discount Sounds in Wexford St (got my old pal (John) George Byrne in there to help me out on a Saturday and he proceeded to order all sorts of obscure shite that went unsold! John regrettably is now telling God that he hasnt a clue about music and running quizzes that he comes first in every time!). Anyway, one of my fondest memories was trooping out to Haddington Road and returning with a treasure trove of Horslips posters, my favourite of which was the sepia coloured head shot one where Eamon has the badge that read " UFO`s are real" or somesuch. There`s a six marker that old George would have answered in two seconds! Must clamber up to the attic to check the badge out....

Posted on: 27/04/17 20:58
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Re: Horslips Posters
03/07/09 18:28
From Bangor N.I.
Posts: 3449
if you have those posters take pictures and put them up, I am sure we would like to see them . I can also share to the Lips FB page as I am an Admin on it....up to the attic !!!

Posted on: 28/04/17 1:03

All my Horslips videos here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBsY08fFbE&list=PL508D7EECE10652CF
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