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Re: Star of David Tour
The Power and the Glory!
30/03/09 4:19
From Calgary
Posts: 1049
Indeed it was. Time flew to be sure. Presently in Galway. Long day yesterday. Up at 4:45am. On the bus/tram to Edinburgh airport where it was an absolute madhouse and hopped on our quick flight to Dbulin. Hopped on another bus to Heuston station then on the train to Galway which considering the distance seemed to take forever but it was an enjoyable ride with some nice views along the way. Checked into the flat we have rented and for some odd reason, despite this being a large community the nearest grocers was almost a 5km walk away. Usually we have found you could not walk down any road here without seeing a Tesco, or Aldi or Lidl but in the easy part of Galway there is one Lidl store. The west side seems to have attracted all the stores. Up early and off to the Cliffs of Moher and Burren Naztional Park then back to Dublin Tuesday and fly home to Calgary Wednesday. We were hit with a major snowstorm two days after we left and it warmed up but it snowed a bit again yesterday but it is supposed to warm back up for the weekend to 16C or so.

This has been a most wonderful trip thanks to yourself and others who have kindly offered up the chance to meet some message boarders. We will be returning and the north will be on our list of places to get to, along with Glasgow and LIverpool so shall do the triangle tour next time over.
One thing I have found over here is that good is positively cheap for the most part, compared to Calgary, except our crisps come in bigger bags and half the price!

Posted on: 23/09/18 8:32
I Am surprised I made it this far in life without the advice of my children.
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Re: Star of David Tour
03/07/09 13:28
From Bangor N.I.
Posts: 3415
Glad you enjoyed your trip, next time will get meeting ! sent you a PM

Posted on: 23/09/18 10:27

All my Horslips videos here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBsY08fFbE&list=PL508D7EECE10652CF
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