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Celebrate The Recording of HTMSTP
The Power and the Glory!
30/03/09 4:19
From Calgary
Posts: 1019
Taff, put your skills to work. Organize a fan get together in Calgary and celebrate the recording of HTMSTP in Calgary at the National Music Centre starring the Rolling Stones Mobile and Alan A'Duffy. Various members of the band could/can attend. Direct flights from Dublin to Calgary, not far for the Yanks and the Kiwi's and with the Canadian dollar beng where it is you all become members of the landed gentry when you step off the plane! Hop to it Taff.

Posted on: 10/06/19 21:01
I Am surprised I made it this far in life without the advice of my children.
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Re: Celebrate The Recording of HTMSTP
03/07/09 13:28
From Bangor N.I.
Posts: 3371
haha......next Con will be in 2020, after 3 in 6 months !

something is stirring though, can't say anymore !

Posted on: 11/06/19 16:24

All my Horslips videos here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBsY08fFbE&list=PL508D7EECE10652CF
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