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Songs From the Fever Ship
I'm not a dreamer...
13/09/16 10:10
Posts: 19
Listening to the new Eamon Dowd & the Rackateers album "Songs From the Fever Ship" feat. Eamon Carr. Quite an album. Obtained my copy from my good friend Mr. F (Snr).
I had the great pleasure of watching Eamon Dowd play some of these tracks last year, whilst sitting between Mr. F (Snr) and "the late Eamon Carr" in a pub in Dublin. The album brings back great memories, and the songs sound even better.
Eamon proves again that he is the great under appreciated Irish lyricist.
Buy this album. You will not be disappointed.

Posted on: 21/12/19 19:36
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Re: Songs From the Fever Ship
The Power and the Glory!
20/10/09 23:30
Posts: 1637
You're right Mark, and there was quite some fun about the lateness at that gig.
There is more to tell and unfold about the Album. But not tonight.
Mean time check out Eamonn Dowd's site. "Songs from a Fever Ship" has 3 physical formats and several digital formats.


And again.. it is indeed splendid.

Posted on: 22/12/19 22:44
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