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way off topic but a good story
The Power and the Glory!
30/03/09 4:19
From Calgary
Posts: 1041
The National Hockey League has a long tradition of having the home team provide a third goalie to whatever team, home or the visitors requires one. In this case, Carolina Hurricanes had both goalies injured during the game so the call went out to the Zamboni driver, the guy who cleans the ice, to get his equipment on and get ready to play. These goalies have some experience and regularly practise with their team, in this instance, the Toronto Maple Leafs. So dressed in Maple Leaf equipment except for the game jersey he was out there playing for the opposition who needed to win the game to keep their playoff hopes alive, he played half the game. He was scored on with the first two shots and then held the Leafs scoreless the remainder of the game. The highest level he ever played was Junior B which is two leagues below the best junior hockey in Canada. He is 42 years old, father of three who also had a kidney transplant. Amazing story. The video link is below. The National Hockey League is the equivalent of the Premiere League in football - the best league in the world.


Posted on: 04/03/20 23:30
I Am surprised I made it this far in life without the advice of my children.
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Re: way off topic but a good story
The Power and the Glory!
21/09/08 15:47
From Dublin
Posts: 521
Good story, well worth the watch, although I don't know one end of a hockey stick from the other. I wonder what his reception from his own team was like afterwards

Posted on: 10/03/20 3:39
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