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Lips and the virus !
03/07/09 13:28
From Bangor N.I.
Posts: 3397
As things stand at present all the Horslips gigs from 13 to 18 March will take place. Any changes will of course be posted here.

Don't panic !

Posted on: 10/03/20 16:27

All my Horslips videos here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBsY08fFbE&list=PL508D7EECE10652CF
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Re: Lips and the virus !
The Power and the Glory!
30/03/09 4:19
From Calgary
Posts: 1041
This is going from bad to worse, and maybe this is Gods way of saying I should have not retired. I first had to postpone my trip to Dublin because of surgery and now our trip to France and Italy will not happen. I am not so much concerned about missing Italy but France, well, they tend to walk off the job a lot and I don't want to find myself stuck on a train somewhere with no place to go, or even a way to get there. I can get the virus here just as easily but at least I am home and not having to pay to self-quarantine. So I thought Iceland sounded like a nice safe haven but they have almost as many cases as Canada and we are much bigger area wise and certainly with a much lower population density so like the rest of the world plans are being put on hold for the time being.

Hope the shows happen and they are so outstanding the band will want to repeat them once all this quiets down.

Posted on: 10/03/20 16:43
I Am surprised I made it this far in life without the advice of my children.
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Re: Lips and the virus !
Swaggerin' down the hall
10/12/09 22:22
Posts: 111
Rob, thank you for posting that. It is good to have the reassurance because we will be flying from the UK and we do not use Facebook or Twitter, so this site is our only chance to know what is going on.

Posted on: 10/03/20 19:27
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