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Best Wishes
You speak in whispers of the devils I have slain
27/11/07 23:56
Posts: 154
May I wish everything healthy, peaceful and neighbourly to all other good people on this site, your wider families, friends and loved ones.

What a lovely sentiment. Well said. Thank you Gerard. We are all in this together as long as we stay separated. Hey...
that sounds Irish!

Stay home. Listen to Horslips. You won't do better!

God bless

Posted on: 24/03/20 19:15
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Re: Best Wishes
Swaggerin' down the hall
21/05/13 11:28
From Wilmington, Kent, UK
Posts: 112
And God Bless yourselves lovely people. Stay safe, keep loving each other, be happy. We are ALL coming through this together!

I'm following your excellent encouragement and listening to Horslips. All day, every day.

Couldn't do better.

Posted on: 26/03/20 22:06
I stood in the doorway and watched her slowly walk away....
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