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Great pix from 1978 - 1980
03/07/09 13:28
From Bangor N.I.
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I received these pictures from Janet Kaye in New York ! Great pictures and Janet says.... "as far as I can recall: these all were taken at either The Bottom Line in NYC or My Fatherís Place in Roslyn, NY during 1978 or 1979. Charles on the phone was at The Bottom Line; the group shot was in 1978; Jim was in 1978; Johnny with the flying hair was in 1979; Charles in color was 1979; Barry and Charles together was in 1979; Pat, I think was 1979 at DJM records."
Even better Janet has loads more pictures and slides and in due course will send them on.
Many thanks Janet !

Only 2 here go to FB pages of mine, Horslips Con 2019 or Horslips for the rest.

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jpg  92152228_547949869436096_7318130359734894592_n.jpg (57.65 KB)
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Posted on: 03/04/20 13:18

All my Horslips videos here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBsY08fFbE&list=PL508D7EECE10652CF
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Re: Great pix from 1978 - 1980
The Power and the Glory!
20/10/09 23:30
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Thanks Rob, those are great.

Posted on: 03/04/20 22:51
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