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Rescue Me
Only a mad moonlighter
17/12/07 21:37
From Co.Armagh, Ireland
Posts: 62
My daughter is teaching herself guitar and as part of my cunning plan to get her into Horslips (well, I'm pushing an open door, tbh) I have bet her 20 that she can't learn, play and sing Rescue Me by Christmas.
However, I can't find guitar tabs for it anywhere online.
Any ideas?

Posted on: 20/11/19 6:54
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Re: Rescue Me
The Power and the Glory!
20/10/09 23:30
Posts: 1696
How are you?
Realtime "Rescue Me" tab video here.


It's above beginner level, but maybe that's ok.

Here's hoping you loose 20 at Christmas.

Posted on: 20/11/19 23:13
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Re: Rescue Me
Swaggerin' down the hall
23/07/14 9:25
Posts: 119
Using a capo allows simpler chord shapes to be used. Found this text and have tried it - works fine!

Rescue Me was recorded using a capo on the second fret and using a standard D shape. If you follow this you'll need to use D, C and G followed by A, G and D and then for the chorus use D,G,Em,A and D. There's a sneaky little chord used for the "..busily climbing my family tree" bit, but it can easily be achieved by holding the D shape while removing your first finger, thereby leaving the third string open. No capo? Don't worry. Just play it in D.

Text originally said capo on third fret but second fret is better/correct.

Your money is as good as gone! :)


Posted on: 21/11/19 20:37
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