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Pssssst, Happy St. Patricks Day.
The Power and the Glory!
30/03/09 9:19
From Calgary
Posts: 1126
Pass it on. Even though some restrictions have been eased allowing for restaurants and pubs to open in Alberta some of the bigger ones have chosen to close today rather than risk any transmission of the variants if some got out of hand from imbibing.

My wife and I both have received our first Covid vaccine jabs with the next to follow in a month. They are aiming to have the entire province innoculated by this time next month or the end of April. We are hoping international travel begins to open up as we would like to come over again in October but we will have to wait and see.

I hope everyone is well and safe. Hopefully this time next year we will be back to normal or as normal as we can be.

A Safe and Peaceful Happy St. Patricks Day to one and all.

Posted on: 17/03/21 21:15
I Am surprised I made it this far in life without the advice of my children.
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