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Beginnings & Endings
Swaggerin' down the hall
26/11/07 18:50
From New York
Posts: 134
2009 has been a bittersweet year. It began with the taste of the bitter - losing my friend Rob in February to cancer and now learning that yet another friend who is only 46 has been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer - I keep praying...but sometimes I think my prayers fall on deaf ears...I am a survivor of 13 years of Catholic School......and they always told us that if we pray, our prayers will be answered...I guess they get answered in different ways...maybe not the exact thing you are asking for help in...but in another way that perhaps isn't as obvious...I don't know...but I suppose I will keep on praying.

Ah...but then there was the sweet...that for a time, makes one forget about all the bitter. For me...it was my two trips...yes two trips...to Ireland this year - and being so fortunate to be included into the circle of friendship that includes all of you!

It began in September with Slattery's and finished in the O2! What more could I ask for! To finally meet you in person at Slattery's...and to have ALL FIVE members of Horslips perform that night was unbelievable...a dream come true. As for the rest of my stay in September...there aren't any words, but I'll try. The graciousness of Maggie Fean, Dave Creedon and Sheila...Peter Somers & Trisha...meeting Peter's extraordinary offspring Aisling, Christopher and Katie...dear sweet Niall, Dorota, PJ, Brendan, Myles, Paddy G, Molly, Noel, Stephen...I thank you from the bottom of my heart...and please excuse me if I've left off your name...it wasn't intentional. Thanks to Peter for taking me to the countryside and having the experience of an Irish traffic jam...sheep/cows...nothing like NY!!! :) And to Trisha for cooking dinner - yum - and I could go on and on.

Fast forward to December...back in Dublin...this time with Jeff...for the most surreal time of my life. From breakfast with Maggie and her wonderful family on Saturday morning, hanging with some of the band members at the hotel Friday night before the concert, a surprise meeting up with Chris on Grafton street which was so gorgeously decorated for Christmas...the way we used to do things here before we got so damned politically correct...lunch on Saturday with Peter and Katie...oh and dinner with Dave & Chris on Friday...mama mia...too much to say and I don't want to bore you all...but I can't help it...then THE CONCERT...the music...the unbelievable music and being part of it...at one point, Jeff leaned over to me and said "now I get it" - but I knew he would. Being included in the after party was just the icing on the cake - thank you Maggie from the bottom of my heart I shall be forever grateful - and walking in there and being recognized by Eamon & Jim...what more could I ask for....LOL...finally meeting Mark Cunningham and Joe Forde after all these years...and the other familiar faces from Slattery's...then continuing the after party at our hotel with some of the band and their families and friends...thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes Charles, I did sit in every corner of the lounge...LOL...at least each time you caught me, I was in a different seat...I was hoping that you would have been there when Dorota & Niall brought the baby over...I was holding her for a while and had I seen you, I wanted to say "look what I did while you were away - I wasn't just playing musical seats" LOL Thank you to Mark Nulty for showing us around Dublin and taking us for delicious fish and chips and the tour of the Temple Bar area.

You are ALL such gorgeous people - I love your passions and how many of you think - I'm trying to adopt what I'm calling the "Irish" way of thinking - it's very logical and makes a lot of sense...you take life as it comes and you don't lament what you cannot change or have no control over...I like that.

I hope that when/if any of you are in the NY area, you will get in touch so we can show you around as it would be our pleasure to do so. Here's to the band coming to NY and doing a gig...hey, the Beacon Theater has been refurbished and it's a great venue...LOL...

Wishing you all the happiest Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I hope that in 2010 the world will wake up, put down their guns, forget their hatred and discover PEACE.

Suzanne aka Jezebella

p.s. I have decided that Ireland will be, hopefully, a yearly trip for me either alone or with Jeff...just a few days here and there...Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco...I left mine in Ireland with all of you.

Posted on: 14/12/09 15:02
"baby I'm from New York - concrete jungle where dreams are made of"
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Re: Beginnings & Endings
Only a mad moonlighter
08/01/09 18:23
From Albany New York
Posts: 74
Another great post. Always fun to read your stuff. Anyway, I second your idea that the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan would be a great spot for a North American gig. Saw Steve Earle there -- mighty good show. So would the EGG in Albany. It would be a good spot because it is at the crossroads of the New York City metropolitan area to the south, the Boston metropolitan area to the East, Montreal to the North and Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo to the west. The Parting Glass just up the road in Saratoga could serve as our McHugh's. We would have the Egg going crazy, just like the O2 was. Only thing I could think of about when I was viewing the video clips from Belfast and Dublin was that it was like a Bruce Springsteen show at MSG in New York City. The crowd became part of the show!!
By the way, don't give up on that prayer stff. It works for me. Besides, I do believe that where your friends are going is a better place; maybe its like being at the O2 for a Horslips concert -- just whenever you want. Paul from

Posted on: 14/12/09 17:38
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Re: Beginnings & Endings
... I'm a builder
07/03/08 0:49
Posts: 47
Pavillion in Dun Laoghaire 3 March 1976. Was there in the first audience for the recording of 'Horslips Live'.

Was there as a guest of Eamon.

Posted on: 15/12/09 0:25
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Re: Beginnings & Endings
... I'm a builder
10/11/09 17:12
Posts: 48
It was in October of 1973, did stage production for the show, Robbie McGrath engineer extroidanaire, mixing counsel was a Scorpion, blew me away, had beers with the band after the show, Eamon signed my HTMSTP album with "thanks for the hic, beer", rest of band signed my album as well..outstanding show, was a fan before they landed upon our shores, have 27 vinyl albums, still a fan after all these years. So there.

Posted on: 15/12/09 6:31
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