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What is XoopsTube and how to use it.
2 So how do I add a video?

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XoopsTube ]
Requested and Answered by BNL on 26-Nov-2007 04:30 (334 reads)
XoopsTube is merely another way of viewing material hosted at the famous YouTube site. The videos are still hosted there, but can be viewed through this website once people add them here.

It's a bit like watching TV through your window.

XoopsTube ]
Requested and Answered by BNL on 26-Nov-2007 04:43 (358 reads)
1/ Hit the "XoopsTube" link
2/ Hit the "Submit" link
3/ Add some information about the video

4/ Here's the critical bit

In You Tube, each video has a specific URL - this is in the address bar at the top of your browser e.g.


in the Video Embedded Code bit only enter the code after the = sign.

so the bit that goes into the Video Embedded Code is



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