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General Advice about the use of the Message Boards
2 I preferred the old guestbook - it was simpler.

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Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:44 (216 reads)
Noted. Either get yourself an (or an additional) account to do this, or post on the "Book of Invasions" message board. There is no problem regarding flame wars, so long as they stay within the bounds of international law.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:45 (368 reads)
Yes, this site could be accused of being "clunky" (it already has.)
A simple guestbook facility is being investigated (one has been tried already - but it didn't satisfy requirements.)

In the meantime, please try to get used to the message board system.

At worst it's a bit complicated. At best it provides the basis for structured debate/argument/flamewar under a topic-based system.

e.g. if Brendan and Pilib want to start a discussion about the latest high-heel fashion, I can either avoid the topic completely, or find it without having to wade through other garbage perhaps related to Horslips.


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