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Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:49 (237 reads)
Avatars are small graphics or pictures that can be used in various content settings around the site. They are often used next to a user name to add a bit of ‘visual identification’. Typical applications are within the Forum, but interactive zones as well.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:50 (213 reads)
You either make one yourself (you need image handling software), or take one you like from the internet (on internet explorer, you right-click and then save picture as) to download it onto your PC. You then upload it onto the site using the View Profile link (under the User Menu) It must be of certain dimensions (under 100 x 100 pixels and below 100 kilobytes.)

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:53 (222 reads)
Smileys are little graphic symbols that people can use to express themselves. They can be inserted anywhere in the text of an article, comment or post from both the user and admin sides of the system. Clicking on a smilie will insert it into the post. Smilies can also be inserted by typing in their unique ‘codes’ (keyboard shortcuts), for example typing ':' '-' 'D' in a post will insert this smiley

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:54 (230 reads)
Ensure Pop-ups are enabled for this site. In Internet Explorer this is enabled by Tools - > Pop-up blocker - > pop-up blocker settings. Add www.horslipsrecords.com to your allowed sites.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:55 (334 reads)
Generally in all text areas of this site, you can insert hyperlinks very quickly and easily.
On top of text areas, you usually will find something like a row of buttons, the first one with a 'chain link' symbol .

This is the hyperlink button. If you click on it, you will be asked 2 questions.
First : the URL of the link. This is the actual link. For example, if you want to insert a link to this page http://www.yahoo.com, you'll enter this:
URL of the hyperlink
Hit the Ok button. The second question to answer will be:
Enter the web site title. This is the name of the link itself. This is what will appear in your message. For example if you write Yahoo Web Site and hit Ok, then, in your message, it will be appear as : Yahoo Web Site, and when users will click on that link, they will be transported to http://www.yahoo.com.

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