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Why 4 Forums?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:44 (363 reads)
OK, there's actually only One Forum, and Four Message Boards within this.

One was decommissioned having had only one topic in a month.

This concept was based upon the idea of one interested customer. It's an attempt to compartmentalise the site for quicker access to stuff the reader wants to get to.

One Message Board is for the discussion for Horslips Related stuff.

One for general arseaboutology - anything goes.

One is to permit potential users to discuss site problems (this may get moved or deleted as the Frequently Asked Questions takes more shape. )

One is to permit the occasional viewer the occasional post - this will be removed as soon as it is misused by the casual, unwanted visitor.

One is to give some guidance on the usage of the site and "rules" - this will also disappear when the FAQ takes proper shape.

Technically there will be two Message Boards in normal Use.

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