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How do I insert a hyperlink?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:55 (314 reads)
Generally in all text areas of this site, you can insert hyperlinks very quickly and easily.
On top of text areas, you usually will find something like a row of buttons, the first one with a 'chain link' symbol .

This is the hyperlink button. If you click on it, you will be asked 2 questions.
First : the URL of the link. This is the actual link. For example, if you want to insert a link to this page http://www.yahoo.com, you'll enter this:
URL of the hyperlink
Hit the Ok button. The second question to answer will be:
Enter the web site title. This is the name of the link itself. This is what will appear in your message. For example if you write Yahoo Web Site and hit Ok, then, in your message, it will be appear as : Yahoo Web Site, and when users will click on that link, they will be transported to http://www.yahoo.com.

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