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When I visit the Main Page for the discussion boards, I see a blue box saying “Main Options”. What’s that for?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 28-Nov-2007 19:36 (349 reads)
This gives you several choices of how you’d like to view the message boards.

The options are as follows:

1/ Mark all forums read

This changes the “flag” (the colour of the envelope icon) to suggest that you have read all of the messages, including new messages which you perhaps haven’t read yet.

2/ Mark all forums unread

This changes the “flag” (the colour of the envelope icon) to suggest that you have NOT read all of the messages, including older messages which you perhaps have read already.


3/ View all posts

This splashe you into a very long series of pages which will display all of the messages available, no matter in which topic they exist, in reverse chronological order (i.e. latest first). This is a handy device to scan down anything that you may have missed without navigating through the various messageboards.

There are two links at the bottom and to the right which will take you respectively to the specific topic within which that particular message resides, or to the main message board within which it resides.

4/ View all new posts

Does exactly what it says on the tin. This will display only the messages which you have yet to read. (Note: If you have received a notification about the new message, and accessed the link via that, the message will still not be registered as having been read by you.)

5/ View all topics

In reverse chronological order - of latest postings - the topics will display all topics no matter which which

6/ View Digest

I honestly haven’t worked out what a “Digest” is yet!

Any ideas?

7/ View unreplied topics

Shows where a topic has been started, but there are no messages in reply.

8/ View unread topics

Lists those topics, within which there is at least one message which you have not read.


These three options are about the Main Options box itself.
* You will only ever see 2 out of the 3 options above, which means the other one is switched on.

“Selection” displays the options as a drop-down box.
“Click” means you have to click the box to activate it.
“Hover” means that you have to “mouseover” the box to activate it.

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