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I am having problems Registering!
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:39 (375 reads)
Some reports have been received regarding Registration problems.

Most of the technical information I can find suggests that there are technical “disagreements” between two servers (your hosts, and the Horslips server), firewalls, refusals for certain emails to be sent (automated emails are sometimes treated as spam by your Internet service Provider.)

If you have problems, we can get around this. Go to the Manual Registration link.

If you fill in the required details (the Username you want, and a working email – and a password*) for Manual Registration. Site administration will do the rest at the touch of a virtual button.

* If you don’t supply a password, one will be supplied for you – you can change these details upon login. Site Admin does not know or see passwords.

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