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Welcome to the Questions and Answers In this area of our site, you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as answers to How do I and Did you know questions. Please feel free to post a comment on any Q&A.
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What is XoopsTube and how to use it.
2 So how do I add a video?

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Registration ]
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:39 (376 reads)
Some reports have been received regarding Registration problems.

Most of the technical information I can find suggests that there are technical “disagreements” between two servers (your hosts, and the Horslips server), firewalls, refusals for certain emails to be sent (automated emails are sometimes treated as spam by your Internet service Provider.)

If you have problems, we can get around this. Go to the Manual Registration link.

If you fill in the required details (the Username you want, and a working email – and a password*) for Manual Registration. Site administration will do the rest at the touch of a virtual button.

* If you don’t supply a password, one will be supplied for you – you can change these details upon login. Site Admin does not know or see passwords.

Registration ]
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:38 (213 reads)
Registered Users have an access all areas ticket. Amongst other permissions this allows you to;
· View topic.
· Start a new topic.
· Reply to posts.
· Edit your posts (until a certain limited time).
· Programme the page (using html).
· Add images.
· Add links.
· Add new polls.
· Vote in polls.
· Attach files to posts.
· Post without approval.
· Receive Email Messages, where/when appropriate on behalf of the Band.
· Private Message other Registered Users (internal mail).
· Upload relevant material to the Image Gallery.
· Add a link from You Tube material (Xoopstube).
· Edit your own profile;
· Change/add your personal details.
· Upload your own Avatar. (This is like your own image signature.)
· Add your own signature. (This is your motto, or smart comment posted under your messages.
Guests have limited permissions temporarily. Basically, until it is spammed or otherwise abused etc., one of the Discussion Boards will remain open for "Guest" posting. Registered Users will have full rights in this area.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:37 (226 reads)

Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Nov-2007 03:37 (210 reads)
All 5 members of the band are in favour.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 21-Nov-2007 05:03 (239 reads)
A new interactive site has been under consideration for a significant length of time.

It is hoped that this site will provide much more functionality for the visitors who truly want to contribute to the site.
The motivation is to replace the Guestbook facility which, in days gone by, was a happy playground for the true fans. The openness of the guestbook was ultimately its downfall. Spammers, self-appointed wit-merchants, and those engaging in defamatory activities made it unusable.

It has become too risky to host some material on the server, what with litigious activity becoming more normal on the 'net. The moderation work (removal of dodgy material) generated a low effort:reward ratio.
That said, the new advantages outweigh previous problems - for the real fan/visitor who want to value-add or even just take part in this site.
Believe it or not, this is more about protecting the site for use by the true fans, to protect the site from closure by the hosts, and to protect the band from legal action, (ok and reducing the amount of work for the admin.) It's your site – you’re fully invited to use it.

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