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Requested by Nats and Answered by Admin on 24-Nov-2007 04:51 (203 reads)
Great question.

Depending upon which Message Board you are using, the "post anonymously" box will certainly allow that.

However, in the spirit of the Message Boards, this option has since been switched off.

If someone is so desperate to do the "wind-up" anonymously, they'll get another account to do so.

When that one's suspended/barred/deleted, they'll get another one. And another one. etc.

Requested and Answered by BNL on 24-Nov-2007 05:11 (214 reads)

But, unless people have very strong feelings about it either way, this is liable to be switched off.

Whilst trying to encourage interactivity, privacy is still the priority.

If someone is "popping in" from work etc they probably don't want to be eyeballed.

If someone wants to be "seen" they have plenty of opportunity to do so.

It's better, perhaps, that the User has that choice.

Requested by Nats and Answered by Admin on 26-Nov-2007 04:05 (452 reads)
Lee's name on as the one who started the thread. (Poster)
The published time is when she started the thread.

Niall's name is on there as the latest one who has added to the thread, the date and time is displayed when this action occurred.

(The wee white page icon beside his name takes you directly to his message.)


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